South Rebel Production

Emmy Award Production House

My name is Hose B, I am a videographer, editor and journalist. For over a decade I have devoted my time in creating artistic videos and reporting world events. I have had the privilege to work with industry leading companies such as MTV, FOX News, Univison, KOMO 4, Al Jazeera America, King 5, etc. My work has allowed me to travel all over the world. As I experience new cultures I have learned to appreciate the fundamental stories of people. I believe everyone in the world should be heard, especially in countries going through political, social or economical crisis. Although there are thousands of companies capturing news around world, a high number of them are bias. Many focus on covering stories that sale. I do not believe this is right approach to document events or people around the world. The true voices or stories are normally left in the shadow.


In 2010 I founded South Rebel Production (SRP). I created South Rebel Production as a movement focused on capturing and reporting everyday people or events. SRP was created mainly as a platform to allow people to tell their stories. We find great interest in the stories of people therefore, created a media outlet to make these available to the world. SRP is neutral and does not provide an opinion on any of the stories captured. The focus is allowing the true voices of people to be heard in an unbiased manner. We see South Rebel Production as a true media outlet focused on people and not on stories that sale.


Next time you walk on the streets be on the look out for free art